Urethral Pressure Profile image

A Urethral Pressure Profile indicates the intraluminal pressure along the length of the urethra with the bladder at rest.  This is a Static UPP.  The Maximum Urethral Pressure is the maximum pressure of the measured profile.  The Maximum Urethral closure Pressure is the difference between the maximum urethral pressure and the intravesical pressure.  Otherwise known as PURA-PVES=Urethral Closure Pressure.  Urinary continence depends on the pressure in the urethra exceeding the pressure in the bladder at all times, even with increases in abdominal pressure.  With the catheter placed in the bladder it is withdrawn through the urethra with a slow and steady movement creating a pressure tracing marking the Closure Pressure. Functional Urethral Length is the length of the urethra along ...

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Hospital vs Office Based Procedures (OBP) image

Office based surgical procedures have been on the increase in recent years. Many new procedures are introduce to physicians in the surgery center or operating room setting but are later driven to the office setting based on many factors. One of the most significant incentives to do procedures in-office is the simple fact that the physician can continue to see patients while he or she performs these surgeries during their normal work flow. This correlates to more office revenue and less down time in the OR for the physician waiting on surgical suite availability. In most markets across the country, the financial challenges faced by hospital systems have forced the closings and consolidation of many facilities resulting in fewer available ...

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Interpretation of Urodynamics consist of the 3 C’s and 2 S’s image

Interpretation of Urodynamics consist of the 3 C’s and 2 S’s.  The 3 C’s referring to Capacity, Compliance and Competence of the sphincter.  The 2 S’s referring to Sensation and Stability. Bladder capacity is studied to determine the amount of fluid the bladder holds.  Compliance is the ability of the bladder wall to distend.  The relationship between change in the bladder volume and change in the detrusor pressure is measured.  The EFP or (End Filling Pressure) should be below 15cnH20.   The EFP or (End Filling Pressure) of 40cmH20 or greater may lead to high risk to upper tract.  Competence of the sphincter is the ability of the external striated muscle to hold urine and to relax and release urine.  ...

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The WiCAM® Wireless Camera System is a viable option for office Cystoscopy image

The WiCAM® Wireless Camera System is a viable option for office Cystoscopy Having a medical procedure done in a large hospital can be nerve racking. Having to deal with all the medical drama at a hospital can increase a patient’s stress level, this is why so many physicians are opting to perform more procedures in their offices. Thanks to advancements on the medical front many patients find themselves simply being able to go to the office to have the procedure done. One procedure that a man or woman may have to have done is a cystoscopy and thankfully many doctors are offering an in-office cystoscopy. This procedure is completed to look for any abnormalities in the bladder, stones, inflammation, tumors or ...

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The Morpheus™ System image

As more physicians are diagnosing and treating the entire Pelvic Floor, The Prometheus Group® has developed a system called the Morpheus™.  The system has the ability to perform Pelvic Muscle Rehab, Urodynamics, Anorectal Manometry, Uroflowmetry, Endorectal Ultrasound and Bladder Ultrasound on One Platform.  One patient database, One computer platform, at very cost effective pricing.  Treatments and diagnostic tests can be added anytime in the future.   All reports are generated in PDF or Microsoft Word™ to easily import into Electronic Medical Records. Written by Keith Behrends National Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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Urodynamics Quality Control image

Urodynamics Quality Control What is a good way to add a form of quality control to your study? The flow cell should be checked at least once a week. The check does not have to be a calibration but a verification. A verification can be performed with a known volume of tap water. So long as it meets manufacturers specifications you should be OK. If it doesn’t than a calibration is recommended followed by a verification. Written by Ira Witriol Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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Introducing a New Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Course image

Introducing a New Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Course March 13, 2017 – Dover NH – Back by popular demand, The Prometheus Group is excited offer Professional Development Courses for Nurses & Physicians This two day course will provide a comprehensive review of pelvic floor disorders and rehabilitation treatments.  Emphasis will be placed on the use of equipment for augmenting these interventions.  Presentation of case studies will be part of the course. Course instructor, Diane Newman, DNP, is a Biofeedback Certified Continence Specialist with over 30 years experience.  She is an expert in the assessment and management of pelvic-floor dysfunction in men and women. Two locations are currently being offered: June 23-24, 2017 – Hyatt Regency, Chicago IL September 29-30 – Miami ...

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360˚Endorectal Ultrasound image

360˚Endorectal Ultrasound  Endorectal ultrasound is yet another diagnostic tool able to be used in the assessment and management of patients with fecal incontinence.  It can detect external and internal anal sphincter defects in these patients confirming what may be seen following an Anorectal Manometry diagnostic study.   It can assess and evaluate the structure of the sphincter muscle and surrounding tissue. There is little to no preparation for an Endorectal Ultrasound to be performed.  The patient is placed in the left lateral decubitus position.  A condom filled with ultrasound conductive gel is placed over the ultrasound probe and is lubricated with gel and then gently inserted into the anal canal.  The 360˚ Endorectal Ultrasound is relatively well-tolerated by most patients. ...

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The Prometheus Group® to unveil new product at CSM in San Antonio image

The Prometheus Group® to unveil new product at CSM in San Antonio The Prometheus Group® is excited to announce the addition of a new product this year at CSM.  Visit us at Booth #519 and let us introduce you to Pathway® Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging system. Richard Poore, President, said: “We feel that this new product is what the pelvic muscle and orthopedic clinicians have been asking for.  The patient benefits of ultrasound imaging are well documented and this is the logical next step for our Pathway® family of products.  Cost effective and PC based, our hope is that the Pathway® Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging system will make this technology more accessible.” About The Prometheus Group®: The Prometheus Group®, established in 1990, ...

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