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Congratulations to Ramona C. Horton, PT, DPT, MPT! image

We are happy to share at this year’s 2020 Combined Sections Meeting in Denver, CO Ramona C. Horton, PT, DPT, MPT was awarded the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy’s highest, most prestigious recognition, the Elizabeth Nobel Award. Congratulations to Ramona on this exciting and well-deserved recognition! Ramona is a pelvic health doctor of physical therapy, educator, and the founder and instructional lead of the EchoGen ultrasound training portal.

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June is Dysphagia Awareness Month! image

Six common symptoms of Dysphagia are difficulty swallowing, pain while swallowing, coughing and/or drooling, hoarse voice, frequent heartburn and regurgitation.  The Prometheus Group® offers a complete line of sEMG products for Dysphagia rehabilitation that are affordable, suitable for patients of all ages, portable and fun and engaging.  To learn more about the PATHWAY® MR-15 and MR-25, Telesis ST Software and PATHWAY® NMR 200S, please visit

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As Shared By Herman & Wallace – Musculoskeletal Screening of Pelvic Pain for Physicians and Physical Therapists image

When a patient comes in complaining of abdominal pain, what screening tools do you have at hand? Elizabeth Hampton, PT, WCS, BCB-PMD, PRPC has several suggestions in her post on The Pelvic Rehab Report. “Evaluating a client with pelvic pain requires a skill set that includes direct pelvic floor as well as musculoskeletal test item clusters. The prioritization of which depends upon many factors including clinician discipline, experience, specialty vs. general setting, as well as client history, presentation and goals. In addition to the direct pelvic floor assessment, there are additional key musculoskeletal screening tests that are an essential part of a pelvic pain assessment.” A demonstration of thoracic traction, featuring Elizabeth Hampton and Justin Manipis, PT Aide. Thoracic traction can ...

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The Prometheus Group® Professionals in Pelvic Health Series: Introducing Tara Rudolphi, DPT image

The Prometheus Group® is proud to present our Professionals in Pelvic Health series. Professionals in Pelvic Health showcases providers in physical therapy and other medical specialties who share our passion for pelvic health rehabilitation. This week, we are spotlighting Tara Rudolphi, DPT of Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center. To learn more about Tara’s pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction course, please visit:  To learn more about Tara, please visit

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