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What is Urodynamics? Urodynamics is a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate the bladder’s function and efficiency.  Urodynamic testing may be performed when: 1) the patient experiences a moderate to severe involuntary loss of urine; 2) other tests do not determine the cause of incontinence; 3) the physician suspects there is more than one cause of incontinence and; 4) the patient is considering surgery.  Urodynamics will assess bladder filling, bladder storage, transportation and emptying/micturition of urine.  The urodynamic study goal is to reproduce and identify the underlying causes of lower urinary tract dysfunction.  According to the Standardization Committee of the International Continence Society, a good urodynamic study is comprised of three main elements: 1) a clear indication for an appropriate selection of ...

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It’s no secret that many suffer from urinary incontinence. This video from provides valuable information on urinary incontinence, Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation, and how to end your battle with urinary incontinence without the need for surgery. View the video from here. Learn more about Morpheus™ Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation and see how our products are helping doctors help you.

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Welcome to the brand new online home for The Prometheus Group. Our new website features a news area bringing you the most up-to-date trending topics so that you don’t miss a thing, a solid products gallery that makes it even easier for you to find the products that elevate your practice to the next level, and our continued commitment to providing you with our unparalleled support when you need it most. Take a look around and stay tuned for more.

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