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Professionals in Pelvic Health – Introducing Dawn Sandalcidi PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD image

To learn more about the Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation please visit To learn more about the Pathway® NMR 200 for Pediatric Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation and Voiding Dysfunction visit

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Come See Us at CTDM Stanford University 11/3–11/4 image

The Prometheus Group® is excited to be an exhibitor this weekend at CTDM at Stanford University 11/3-11/4. The Prometheus Group® makes a complete line of sEMG devices for swallowing disorders. Everything from hand held single and dual channel units with the flexibility to add Telesis ST Software, to the wireless Pathway® NMR 200 PC based system with an extended HDMI monitor and game software. All levels give you the ability to determine maximum effort, set ranges and contract/relax goals, perform patient/clinician emulation (dual only) techniques and control work/rest timing. Clinically, these features allow you to use sEMG as a tool to facilitate effortful swallows, Mendelsohn Maneuvers and relax hypertonic and spastic muscles. Want to learn more? Contact us today, or ...

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A Herman & Wallace Case Study on Ultrasound Imaging image

Ultrasound Imaging for Improved Home Exercise Outcomes: A Case Study  In a recent case study posted on The PelvicRehab Report, faculty member Allison Ariail details the story of a 34-year old, nulliparous low back pain patient who needed a bit of extra help with her home exercise program. Her therapist is an experienced clinician who is skilled with using verbal clues, positioning, and other methods to teach the patient how to activate her local core muscles, but somehow the results weren’t showing. “The therapist had fully evaluated the patient and did not find any articular issues within her spine or pelvis. What she did find was weakness in her local stabilizing muscles and tightness in her global stabilizing muscles… the therapist ...

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Physician’s Pelvic Health Choice…Morpheus® image

Physician’s Pelvic Health Choice…..Morpheus® Look to The Prometheus Group®, your trusted leader in Urogynecology and discover Morpheus®.  This system has the ability to perform Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Urodynamics, Anorectal Manometry with Paradoxical sEMG, and Multicompartment Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Imaging, all on one platform. Click here to learn more (link to Contact: Richard Poore, President 1 Washington Street, Suite 3171 Dover NH 03820 Phone ~800-442-2325

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