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Endorectal Ultrasound image

The Prometheus Group has an inexpensive Endorectal Ultrasound for physicians.  Imaging of the anal sphincter is helpful in all patients with fecal incontinence to assess the structure and integrity of the sphincters.   Ultrasound imaging of the anal sphincters provides complementary structural information to the functional information that can be obtained with Anorectal Manometry/Paradoxical sEMG and should be performed in combination with this test.  The in-office procedure is well tolerated and provides more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans.  The reports are PDF and Microsoft Word™ format for easy importing in Electronic Medical Records. Written by Keith Behrends National Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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WiCAM® – Making Office Based Endoscopic Procedures Easier image

The WiCAM™ Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera System is designed specifically to make office-based endoscopic procedures easier for all involved. The camera head weighs less than 10 ounces and allows the user to control the entire system with one hand. This cost effective visualization system offers the following advantages to Physicians, Patients, and Insurance Payers: Physician: -Allows in office procedures, instead of hospital or surgery center -Ease of use enables every Physician to perform high-value procedures, in office -Enhanced revenue from in-office reimbursement -Better medicine and patient staging -Existing reimbursement in place Patient: -No general anesthesia -Comfort in a familiar office setting -Convenient -Lower co-pay -Immediate treatment Third party payer: -Cost savings Written by Bob Weber National Sales Manager The Prometheus ...

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Morpheus® System image

As more physicians are diagnosing and treating the entire Pelvic Floor, The Prometheus Group has developed a system called Morpheus®.  The system is able to perform Pelvic Muscle Rehab, Urodynamics, Anorectal Manometry, Uroflowmetry, Endorectal Ultrasound, and Bladder Ultrasound on a single Platform.  One patient database, one computer, at very cost effective pricing.  Reports are generated in PDF to easily import into Electronic Medical Records. Written by Keith Behrends Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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The State of Urodynamics image

Many changes have occurred in the Urodynamic market place over the last five years. Consolidation and elimination of trusted urology partners have occurred. The mergers and buyouts have led to elimination of key urodynamic companies and less competition. We at The Prometheus Group would like to give the medical professional the ability to have choices when making decisions on equipment. We want to give back to you the ability to select rather than settle when making selections for new equipment and supplies. When considering your next acquisition of new equipment please take a look at The Prometheus Group to help fill your needs for Urodynamic equipment, Biofeedback equipment, Anal Rectal Manometry, and Pelvic Floor Therapy with e-stim along with Ultrasound for Kidney, PVR and 360 availability. Written ...

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Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation – Treatment of Male Patients image

Often men are overlooked in patient treatment for Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation. Besides pre and post prostatectomy treatment with PFT, many of our urology practices see male patients with scrotal pain and use PFT with great results. Patients are seen twice a week for pain. First determine if there is a high baseline resting tone (which is usually the case). Treating 100 Hz and 12.5 Hz intermittent stim or one continuous and one intermittent 15minutes of each twice a week.  Patients report doing  great with this therapy and always consider a home stim unit like the Pathway® STM-10 Vaginal and Rectal Intracavity Stimulator after the attended sessions. Written by Denise D’Andrea Director of Clinical Services The Prometheus Group

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WiCAM™ Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera – Bridging the Technology Gap image

The WiCAM™ Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera provides physicians with cost effective in-office visualization capability. In the GYN realm, approximately 80% of physician offices do not have hysteroscopy equipment due to the prohibitive costs associated with acquisition and upkeep. Over 4.6 million women seek GYN consultation each year with AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding) It is generally accepted that the standard of care is to perform a D&C to obtain an endometrial sampling. This is a procedure performed “blind” in 80% of GYN offices in this country. Without a hysteroscope, accurate diagnosis can be a challenge. This is not a new realization, as far back as 1989 studies have shown that blind D&C is less accurate for diagnosing AUB than was hysteroscopy ...

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