Did you know that kids can benefit from biofeedback?  A major cause of urinary incontinence and/or frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in children is dyssynergia or “strain” dyssynergia resulting in  dysfunctional voiding issues.   These learned or acquired mechanisms are characterized by increased striated muscle tone.   Placing surface electrodes on the perianal area and abdomen (accessory muscles) while voiding can help to detect dyssynergia.  While keeping those same surface electrodes in place we can tailor a biofeedback technique for the child to follow along.

An animated protocol can be set up specifically for the child, so as to help the child to understand the voiding problem and be able to comprehend a technique to be used during these dysfunctions.  Over time the child can learn to recognize improvement by observing and synchronizing the straining and relaxing of these muscles during voiding.  Over time with willingness to participate and motivation to learn these techniques can help the child to overcome or master the dysfunction.

Written by
Denise D’Andrea
Director of Clinical Services
The Prometheus Group