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Morpheus® Anorectal Manometry with Paradoxical sEMG

Morpheus System--One Hardware Architecture, One Software Platform.

Morpheus® Control Module

  • Custom Constructed Point of Care Cart with Hydraulic Height Positioning
  • Power Isolation Transformer
  • Choice of a Notebook (Part Number MOR0110) or All-In-One Touchscreen (Part Number MOR0118) Computer with Color Printer
  • Module Slot Configuration with Unlimited Channel Expansion
  • Bluetooth Wireless Compatible

Anorectal Manometry with Paradoxical sEMG Option, Part Number ARMProviding Four Channels of Radial Anorectal Manometry, One Channel of Inflatable Balloon Pressure and One Channel of External Pelvic Muscle or Intracavity Rectal Sensor sEMG.

  • Intuitive and Seamless Study Navigation
  • Free Style or Structured Depth Studies
  • Simultaneous sEMG and Manometry Study Protocols                               
  • Measure the Rest, Squeeze and Push sEMG and Pressures
  • Calculate the Functional Length of the Anal Canal
  • Determine the High Pressure Zone (HPZ)
  • Assess the Recto Anal Inhibitory Reflex (RAIR), Rectal Sensations, Capacity and Compliance
  • Vector Volume
  • Exacting Report Features
  • Document Transfer

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