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Pathway® DUO for Pediatric Voiding Dysfunction

Product Description

Pathway DUO for Pediatric Voiding Dysfunction, Part Number PDUO Providing One Channel of External Pelvic Muscle sEMG, One Channel of Accessory Muscle sEMG, One Channel of Uroflowmetry Volume and One Channel of Uroflowmetry Rate.  Includes Two Channel sEMG Biofeedback.

  • Notebook Computer, Color Printer
  • Intuitive and Seamless Navigation
  • High Accuracy Uroflowmeter at Minimum Flow Rates
  • Auto-calibration
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Pelvic Floor and Accessory Muscle sEMG with Flow/Volume      
  • Automatic Void Detection and Artifact Removal
  • USB or Bluetooth Wireless Communication
  • Pediatric Symptom Scoring
  • Custom Markers Index Permission to Void, Voluntary Pelvic Floor Contraction and Anomalies
  • Automatic Calculation of sEMG Lag Time
  • Exacting Report Features
  • Document Transfer

Point of Care Cart Optional

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