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Pathway® MR-15 & MR-25 sEMG Series for Speech

A Window Into Dysphagia Rehabilitation

Product Description

Pathway® MR-15 & MR-25 sEMG Series for Speech

  • Continuous Operation or Work/Rest Prompts
  • Automatic Data Storage
  • USB Communication to PC
  • Functional Electrical Stimulator Interface
  • Hand-Held Portability
  • Carry Case
  • Convenient 9V Battery
  • Easy to Operate
  • LED displays
  • Baseline Displays
  • Threshold Goals
  • Goal types include: Above Tone, Below Tone, Above Stim, Below Stim, Maximum Display with Marker. Plus: Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio for Dual Channel Systems
  • Programmable Intervals
  • Maximum Effort Option
  • Protocol Lock
  • Data Review
  • Dual Channel sEMG (MR-25 Only)
  • Telesis® Software Complements the Pathway® MR-15 and MR-25 By Enhancing Assessment, Performance and Providing Documentation

Part Numbers

MR-25 – 9725
MR-15 – 9715

Product Materials

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