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Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation

Product Description:

Vision beyond your fingertips...Discover the latest in ultrasound imaging technology for the rehabilitation of the lumbopelvic region to address lower back stabilization and pelvic floor disorders.

Designed By Rehabilitative Professionals For Rehabilitative Professionals.

Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation Includes:

  • One Touchscreen Tablet Computer with Operator's Guide
  • One Wireless Mouse
  • One GP-C01 3.5-7.5 MHz Curvilinear Ultrasound Imaging Transducer with USB Cable
  • One Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation USB Flash Drive Software Program
  • One Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation Operator's Guide
  • Point of Care Cart Optional

Starter Accessory Package:

  • (10) Individual Sani-Cloth AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipe
  • (1) Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad Standoff

Consumables and Accessories:

  • (UG) Utrasound Gel, .25 liter

Optional Equipment:

  • (PBAG) System Carry Bag
  • (PPOC-QS) Point of Care Cart for Notebook or Tablet Computer Ultrasound

Training & Support Services:

When you purchase a Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation, you will receive exclusive access to: EchoGen-Logo-with-tag 1.  Comprehensive Video Library for Instructional Training - (Access code provided with purchase) 2.  Extensive Image Library To Identify Body Structures - (Access code provided with purchase) 3.  Helpful Resources 4.  One on One Interactive Skype Support (For an additional fee) The EchoGen Portal is brought to you by Ramona C. Horton, MPT, DPT, Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Educator. 1.  Unlimited hardware and software telephone Technical Support via The Prometheus Group®

2.  Team Viewer via The Prometheus Group®


 Ordering Supplies:

1.  Sani-Cloth (Germicidal Disposable Wipe) AF3, Large Wipe

Manufactured By:  Professional Disposables International, Inc.

Find it Online:

2.  Aquaflex (Ultrasound Gel Pad, 2cm x 9cm) REF 04-02

Manufactured By:  Parker Laboratories, Inc.

Find it Online:

3.  Sheathes Probe Covers (for Curvilinear Array) #80501 Non Latex Covers

Manufactured By:  Sheathes

Find it Online:

Part Number: TUI-S-T

Product Materials:

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Request an Operator’s Guide

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The EchoGen Portal is brought to you by:  Ramona C. Horton, MPT

Ramona C. Horton MPT completed her graduate training in the US Army–Baylor University Program in Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX. She then applied her experience with the military orthopedic population in the civilian sector as she developed a growing interest in the field of pelvic dysfunction. Ramona serves as the lead therapist for her clinics pelvic dysfunction program in Medford, OR. Her practice focuses on the treatment of men, women and children with urological, gynecological and colorectal issues. Ramona has completed advanced studies in manual therapy with an emphasis on spinal manipulation, and visceral and fascial mobilization. She developed and instructs the visceral and fascial mobilization courses for the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, presenting frequently at local, national and international venues on topics relating to women’s health, pelvic floor dysfunction and manual therapy.

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