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Telesis® ST Software for the Pathway® MR Series

Telesis® ST Software Complements the Pathway® MR sEMG Series by Enhancing Assessment, Performance, and Providing Documentation

  • Password Protection
  • Multi-Level Program Access                               
  • Patient Identifiers      
  • Audit Management
  • Document Transfer
  • 3-Dimensional Graphics, Templates and Animation Displays
  • Matrixed Audio Cues and Voice Prompts
  • Default and Customized Application Protocols
  • Interactive Event Markers
  • Summary and Detailed Statistics
  • Integrated Report Attachments
  • Comprehensive Chart Note and Narrative


Minimum Computer Requirements For Telesis® ST Software:
Operating System:  Windows 10 Professional
Processor Type: Intel Core i5 or higher
Processor Speed: 2 GHz Minimum
RAM: 4 GB Minimum
Optical Drive:  CD/DVD ROM (Play) Minimum 
Hard Drive Capacity: 2 GB Available Hard Drive Space 
Available USB Ports

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