Morpheus® Two Channel sEMG with Stimulation standard

Morpheus System--One Hardware Architecture, One Software Platform. Morpheus® Control Module Custom Constructed Point of Care Cart with Hydraulic Height Positioning Power Isolation Transformer Choice of a Notebook (Part Number MOR0110) or All-In-One Touchscreen (Part Number MOR0118) Computer with Color Printer Module Slot Configuration with Unlimited Channel Expansion Bluetooth Wireless Compatible Two Channel sEMG with Stimulation Option, Part Number sEMG/S--Providing One Channel of Vaginal and Rectal Intracavity sEMG or External Pelvic Muscle sEMG, One Channel of Accessory Muscle sEMG and One Channel of Vaginal and Rectal Intracavity Electrical Stimulation. Intuitive and Seamless Treatment Navigation Comprehensive Treatment Parameters and Protocols Concurrent sEMG and Stimulation                                Extensive Library of Treatment Displays to include Animation Video Clips Matrixed Audio Feedback Patient Progress Tracking Exacting ...

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