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I’m receiving high unstable readings.

Possible worn pre-amplifier cable.

  • It would be recommended to try and perform a pre-amp cable test to verify that both cables (for a dual channel unit) are functioning properly. This is done by simply testing one cable at a time using a 6750 electrode mounted on the forearm.
  • With arm laying on desk palm side up, mount one 6750 electrode in the center of the forearm parallel to the bone in the arm.
  • Connect one pre-amp to the 6750 electrode and the other end to Channel A with Channel B wide open (no cable connected).
  • Hang your arm loosely by your side and see what the rest reading is for Channel A.
  • Contract the muscle and see what the reading is at work for Channel A.
  • Where the cable plugs into the unit notice the heat shrink tubing (plastic straw) on the cable after the jack. Grasp this area (the junction where the plastic tubing meets the cable) with thumb and forefinger. Keeping your arm at rest by your side, bend and twist this area (left, right, up and down) to see if you can influence the actual readings (if the cable is good the readings should be stable).
  • On the opposite end of the cable about two inches below the black molded head repeat the previous step, again looking for stability.
  • Repeat the test for both ends of the cable but this time with the muscle at work (contract the muscle enough to see work on the display but not enough to fatigue the muscle).
  • If stability is present during all the testing then the pre-amp cable should be good.
  • Disconnect the tested pre-amp cable and put aside, repeat all the previous steps with the second pre-amp cable plugged into Channel B with Channel A wide open (no pre-amp connected to A). Again we are looking for stability.
  • If either pre-amp cable shows signs of instability while you are performing the “stress test” then the pre-amp cable fails and would require replacement.
I’m receiving a high base line reading.

Possible electrical noise in environment.

  • If utilizing a high/low table, disconnect high/low table once patient is situated. Check rest readings.
  • If using the unit with a computer, verify computer is not connected to a power strip but rather directly to a wall outlet.
  • If using a laptop with a good battery, disconnect the laptop power supply from both the wall and the computer.  Check rest readings. If rest readings are acceptable when laptop power supply is disconnected, there is a possibility that the laptop power supply and line cord may need to be replaced.
  • Check within room for other devices connected to power (wall outlets and/or power strips). Disconnect one item at a time and check rest readings. If rest readings are acceptable when item is disconnected there is a possibility that item may be radiating electrical noise.
  • Power off lighting if fluorescent or unplug lamps with bulbs if connected to power. If rest readings are acceptable when lighting is powered off/unplugged there is a possibility that the lighting may be radiating electrical noise.
I can’t program/adjust my unit.

The unit may be locked or programming mode hasn’t been accessed.

  • For MR series and TR series units refer to the Operator’s manual on how to unlock the unit.
  • For a STM-10 unit refer to the Operator’s manual on how to program the unit.
I’m receiving a com port error message.

The computer may be set for the wrong com port.

  • With the program closed, right click on Computer.
  • Select Properties and then Device Manager.
  • Scroll down the list to Ports (COM & LPT).
  • Open and verify com port device is installed on.
  • Change com port within utilities menu.
I’m receiving a No Updatable Query message.

The User Account Control Settings need to be changed.

  • With the program closed, Select Start at desktop.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Select System and Security.
  • Under the heading Action Center; Select Change User Account Control settings .
  • Using slide bar; Slide to Never Notify.
  • Select OK, restart computer.
My unit will not power on.

For a battery powered device.

  • Verify battery is installed.
  • Battery is above 8.0 volts.
  • Battery is installed in proper orientation.
  • Units with battery terminals; verify terminals are making good contact with battery (may have to adjust battery terminals by bending down and towards opposite end of battery area using a small, flat screwdriver) *Note* Do not adjust STM-10 battery terminals (terminals will break).
  • Units with vinyl battery connector; verify battery wires are not corroded or broken.

For a wall powered device.

  • Verify power cable (line cord) is connected to wall outlet, other end of line cord is connected to power transformer, final end of power cable is connected to wall powered device.
  • Verify wall powered device is turned on.

*Note* Do not use power strip to connect wall powered device.

I have an older 9 pin serial cable unit but my computer only has USB connections available.

A USB to 9 Pin Serial Converter/adapter will be required. We recommended the following manufacture:

Manufacturer: Keyspan

Part: USA-19HS

Description: USB to 9 Pin Serial

What are the recommended instructions to clean electrode lead wires/internal sensors?

The recommend cleaning instructions can be located on the insert paperwork accompanying the product.

What are the measurements of the 6801/6750 electrodes?

The measurements of the 6801/6750 electrodes are as follows:

6801 Electrode Measurements

1 ¼ Long
7/8 Wide
Electrode 3/8

6750 Electrode Measurements

1 9/16 Long
7/8 Wide
How do I clear the saved session data from my MR – series unit?

Saved session data can be cleared from the MR- series unit by accessing the Special Functions menu and performing several key presses as outlined below.

  • Pressing both the A and B keys simultaneously for a short time will access these special functions. When this mode is accessed the following screen appears:
  • Select A = PATIENT DATA  which will reveal the following choices:
  • Select A = REVIEW DATA which will yield the following choices:
  • Select B = CLEAR DATA which will allow the stored data from the training sessions to be erased. The MR-20 can store the data from 32 separate training sessions. The MR-20 will stop storing the data of training sessions when 32 training sessions have been stored. After selecting B = CLEAR DATA the display will read:
  • The  Select A = CLEAR ALL SAVED DATA. Pressing the A key will erase the data of all the training sessions stored in memory, so be sure that this is the desired choice. If this is not the desired choice, simply wait a few seconds without pressing any keys and the display will return to the real-time sEMG display without clearing the stored sessions.
What if I need more help?

Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance. The Technical Support number is (800) 272-8492. Our hours of operation are 9-5 Eastern Standard Time.

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