Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation System

Pathway® CTS 2000 is an essential tool for a clinician interested in pelvic floor rehabilitation and the flexibility of two channels of sEMG biofeedback, stimulation, and rectal pressure manometry on a single platform.


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Pathway® CTS 2000 Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation System Provides:

  • Vaginal and Rectal Intracavity sEMG or External Pelvic Muscle sEMG
  • Accessory Muscle sEMG
  • Vaginal and Rectal Electrical Stimulation
  • Rectal Pressure Manometry

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What’s Included
  • Part #CTS-2000B
  • Pathway® CTS 2000 Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation System
  • Notebook Computer
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Color Printer
  • Serial Interface Cable
  • USB Flash Drive Software Program
  • Operator’s Guide
  • Starter Accessory Package

Optional Equipment

  • System Carry Bag (Part #PBAG)
  • Point of Care Cart for Pathway® CTS 2000 and Pathway® CTS 1500 (Part #PPOC-CTS)
  • Wire Basket for PPOC-CTS (Part #WB-CTS)

Training & Support

  • Unlimited Hardware and Software Telephone Technical Support
  • One-day, On-site Clinical Training: Encompasses Clinical Equipment Operation, Equipment Settings, Interpretation, Protocols, and Mentoring with Staff Personnel
  • TeamViewer

Product Service & Warranty

  • One-Year Product and Service Warranty Included with Purchase
  • Extended Warranties Are Available


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