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Come See Us at CTDM Stanford University 11/3–11/4 image

The Prometheus Group® is excited to be an exhibitor this weekend at CTDM at Stanford University 11/3-11/4. The Prometheus Group® makes a complete line of sEMG devices for swallowing disorders. Everything from hand held single and dual channel units with the flexibility to add Telesis ST Software, to the wireless Pathway® NMR 200 PC based system with an extended HDMI monitor and game software. All levels give you the ability to determine maximum effort, set ranges and contract/relax goals, perform patient/clinician emulation (dual only) techniques and control work/rest timing. Clinically, these features allow you to use sEMG as a tool to facilitate effortful swallows, Mendelsohn Maneuvers and relax hypertonic and spastic muscles. Want to learn more? Contact us today, or ...

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