Pathway® Ultrasound Imaging System for Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation Testimonials

“The affordability, ease of use, and image quality of this system is going to revolutionize clinical practice by providing access to technology that was once limited to academic research.”

Ramona C. Horton, MPT

“Portability is a huge benefit and probably my favorite.  I take the entire system to work in my laptop bag and can move it from clinic to clinic very easily.”

Allison A. Thompson, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, BCB-PMD

“It is a great product and the smallest and most affordable on the market.  Prometheus is a great company to work with.”

Elizabeth Hampton PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD

“I use US for many reasons in my field.  Not only can I use it for retraining the Pelvic Floor, Transverse Abdominis and Multifidus in addition to diaphragmatic breathing in my adult population or core use I also use LOVE it for my Pediatric population. The kids love the “jelly bellies” to see what is left in their bladders (PVR) in addition to actually visualizing the the action of the PFM in a non-invasive manner.  It also saves patients from having to go back to their MD for a PVR check and I can assess the benefit of my treatment at then end of the session to assess progress objectively.
Ultrasound is an invaluable tool I utilize daily in my office!”

Dawn Sandalcidi PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD

Other Testimonials

“Great service as always!”
– Ann Welbes, West Shore Urology

“It is very important to know you can depend on a company to help so quickly. Thank you guys!”
– Bea Soto, Panama City Urological Center

“Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient customer service! It is card to come by these days, and I applaud you! I will continue to use your services for all I can.”
– Joanna Bilancieri, Back in Action, Inc.

“The prompt and accurate diagnosis of problems with our MR-20 unit was priceless! The professional that handled my call and walked me through the troubleshooting could not have been more helpful or friendly. Thank you for continued outstanding and reliable service!”
– Karen Weeks, Physical Therapist, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

“Thank you again for letting us borrow the units for our course. The students had an awesome learning experience!!!!”
– Jamie Lynn Greco PT, DPT Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education, Physical Therapy Program Stony Brook University

“The course was wonderful.  Ultrasound imaging is amazing.”
– Amy Healy, PT

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