The Barriers of Barcode Technology


The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Barcodes have been implemented in patient care as well as equipment management.

Whatever Urodynamics manufacturer you choose, consider the barriers to purchasing a system, which requires inventory scanning.

Benefits of selecting a system without consumable barcodes:

  • Save time and frustration not having to scan barcoded supplies
  • Alleviate stress over a programmed time limit set to perform a study once a consumable is scanned
  • Avoid study interruptions due to limited allowance of scanned inventory bypasses
  • Provides consumers with the opportunity to shop around rather than being forced to pay higher prices for consumables

MORPHEUS® Urodynamics Systems, proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by The Prometheus Group®, provide the flexibility and peace of mind to utilize consumables of your choice.

The choice is yours, Experience the Difference, and become part of The Prometheus Group® family.

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