A Urethral Pressure Profile indicates the intraluminal pressure along the length of the urethra with the bladder at rest.  This is a Static UPP.  The Maximum Urethral Pressure is the maximum pressure of the measured profile.  The Maximum Urethral closure Pressure is the difference between the maximum urethral pressure and the intravesical pressure.  Otherwise known as PURA-PVES=Urethral Closure Pressure.  Urinary continence depends on the pressure in the urethra exceeding the pressure in the bladder at all times, even with increases in abdominal pressure.  With the catheter placed in the bladder it is withdrawn through the urethra with a slow and steady movement creating a pressure tracing marking the Closure Pressure.

Functional Urethral Length is the length of the urethra along which the urethral pressure exceeds the intravesical pressure.  Normal length is generally  1.0 – 4.0 cm.

Written by
Denise D’Andrea
Director of Clinical Services
The Prometheus Group