Urodynamic equipment has been around for many years. Today the actual procedure has not changed much. You still need to infuse liquid through a pump into the patients bladder to take measurements. It was not long ago we used carbon dioxide to fill the bladder because it was easy, neat and cheap. But it was not accurate since air was compressible. We were taught that by our big teaching centers. Interestingly enough many of our big teaching centers  still use water perfused catheters.  They still don’t like to use air, they prefer water perfused catheters. But, they have a real secret they are hiding from the Urodynamics community, the other benefit of water perfused catheters is price. The cost of water perfused catheters can be 25% to 30% the cost of air-filled catheters. Do the arithmetic and see the dollar signs.

Written by
Ira Witriol
Sales Manager
The Prometheus Group