The WiCAM® wireless camera system is proving to be a cost effective option for in-office cystoscopy. This procedure can be done both in a hospital or in a physician’s office. Thanks to medical advancements, most patients have the ability to choose where they have the procedure done. The office setting offers a less stressful environment for an already nerve-wracking experience.

The vast majority of Urology clinics in the United States have some type of visualization method, even if it is the utilization of “direct vision” through a flexible or rigid scope. The percentage of Urologists using a camera tower to project images to a video monitor is a bit more elusive. I have been very surprised to observe how many Urology office practices use direct vision almost exclusively because they don’t own a video tower or they don’t want to set up/clean and sterilize the scope and camera components for a 6 minute stent removal.

In-office cystoscopy is done routinely for various reasons:

Diagnose bladder tumors or polyps

Obtain a sterile urine sample

Remove foreign bodies

Take biopsies

Identify a bladder obstruction

Check for cause of recurrent UTI’s

Identify urethra strictures

Stent removal

The WiCAM® wireless camera system can be used during all of these procedures as a front line visualization system or as a secondary camera system to augment any existing camera system currently used in a procedure-room. The WiCam would allow any exam-room to be a procedure-room, freeing up office staff and maximizing patient flow. In addition, WiCam has been very successful in recent months partnering with innovative companies attempting to drive new, pioneering procedures from the surgery centers to the Urology office:

NeoTract – UroLift- Treatment for BPH– The UroLift system involves placing tiny implants to hold open the lobes of the prostate to increase urine flow.

NxTHERA – Rezum- Treatment for BPH– Delivers RF energy therapy, in the form of water vapor, directly to extra prostate tissue to restore regular urine flow.

Allergan – Botox Bladder Treatment for OAB– Botox injections administered through a cystoscope with a small needle into multiple areas of the bladder.

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Written by
Bob Weber
National Sales Manager
The Prometheus Group