The WiCAM™ Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera provides physicians with cost effective in-office visualization capability. In the GYN realm, approximately 80% of physician offices do not have hysteroscopy equipment due to the prohibitive costs associated with acquisition and upkeep.

Over 4.6 million women seek GYN consultation each year with AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding)

It is generally accepted that the standard of care is to perform a D&C to obtain an endometrial sampling. This is a procedure performed “blind” in 80% of GYN offices in this country. Without a hysteroscope, accurate diagnosis can be a challenge. This is not a new realization, as far back as 1989 studies have shown that blind D&C is less accurate for diagnosing AUB than was hysteroscopy with visually directed biopsy. Blind sampling can miss intracavitary lesions such as polyps and myomas that account for bleeding abnormalities.

We believe the WiCAM™ Wireless Digital Endoscope Camera can help bridge the technology gap in this marketplace and allow GYN’s to perform more procedures in-office. The WiCAM™ will couple with any conventional scope, provide outstanding video and pictures images all with a light weigh wireless/untethered camera head.

Written by
Bob Weber
National Sales Manager
The Prometheus Group