The accessibility of Technical Support is a vital but often an overlooked aspect when considering the purchase of a new system. Today, every medical practice is dependent on technology. The Technical Support Specialist should be friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and able to diagnose software or hardware issues as they arise. It’s important to inquire what level of Technical Support is included with your purchase.

Medical devices
require technical support for several reasons:

  • Assistance with setting up a new system
  • Regular maintenance
  • IT related questions
  • Quick resolution of issues, ensuring uninterrupted patient care
  • New user education for improved productivity and maximum efficiency
  • Assistance with necessary software and firmware updates

The Prometheus Group® prides itself on delivering unparalleled technical support.  Our team is here to make sure you get the most from your investment.  From ongoing assistance for the life of the system with no hidden fees, speaking with live representatives and limited on hold times, to remote capabilities, as well as a dedicated after- hours support line allowing you to focus on what matters most….your patients!

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Technical Support

(800) 272-8492
(603) 749-0733 (Local)
Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM (EST)

After Hours Phone Support:

Mon – Fri: 5 PM – 8 PM (EST)
(603) 343-8000

Customer Service

(800) 442-2325
(603) 749-0733 (Local)
(603) 749-0511 (Fax)
Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM (EST)

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Accessories & Consumables

EMYO® 200B & 100B

for Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Did you know that kids can benefit from biofeedback?  A major cause of urinary incontinence and/or frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in children is dyssynergia or “strain” dyssynergia resulting in dysfunctional voiding issues.   These learned or acquired mechanisms are characterized by increased striated muscle tone.   Placing surface electrodes on the perianal area and abdomen (accessory muscles) while voiding can help to detect dyssynergia.  While keeping those same surface electrodes in place, we can tailor a biofeedback technique for the child to follow.

An animated protocol can be set up specifically for the child to help the child understand the voiding problem and comprehend a technique to be used during these dysfunctions.  Over time the child can learn to recognize improvement by observing and synchronizing the straining and relaxing of these muscles during voiding.  Over time a willingness to participate and motivation to learn these techniques can help the child to overcome or master the dysfunction.


EMYO® 200B

Dual-Channel Wireless sEMG Biofeedback

EMYO® is a must-have biofeedback device available as a single or dual-channel sEMG system. This PC-based wireless series features a wearable module, notebook computer, and extended HDMI monitor. Patient motivation is enhanced with our engaging performance-based game displays.


  • Portable: EMYO® 200 Series is a wireless & wearable, dual-channel sEMG module
  • Adaptable: Dual-Channel sEMG module and the extended HDMI monitor can be wireless or interfaced via cable
  • sEMG Biofeedback with Success-Based Gaming Displays utilizing the extended monitor enhances motivation with engaging audio and visual feedback, high score tracking, and a victory certificate
  • Coordination Training: Pelvic floor and accessory muscle timing and control
  • Easily Customize Protocols: Goals, ranges, work/rest Intervals on the notebook PC translate to the extended monitor

  • What’s Included
  • Accessories & Consumables
  • Brochures & Resources
What’s Included

Complete System

  • Part #EM200B-N
  • EMYO® 200B Module Providing Two Channels of sEMG
  • Notebook Computer with Wireless Mouse
  • Color Printer
  • 24″ HDMI Monitor with Stand
  • USB Serial Interface Cable
  • Software Program Includes Two Channels of sEMG Biofeedback with Games
  • Operator’s Guide
  • Starter Accessory Package

Module Only

  • Part #EM200B
  • EMYO® 200B Module Providing Two Channels of sEMG
  • Serial Interface Cable
  • Software Program Includes Two Channel sEMG with Games
  • Operator’s Guide
  • Starter Accessory Package

Optional Equipment

  • System Carry Bag (Part #PBAG)
  • Point of Care Cart for the EMYO® Series (Part #PPOC-NMR)

Support Services

  • Unlimited Hardware and Software Telephone Technical Support
  • Teamviewer

Product Service & Warranty

  • One-Year Product and Service Warranty Included with Purchase
  • Extended Warranties Are Available
Accessories & Consumables
Extended HDMI MonitorEngages the Patient with Entertaining Gaming GraphicsWatch VideoEMYO 100B and 200B System

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