Morpheus® Bladder Ultrasound VID

When paired with Morpheus® Video Urodynamics, Bladder Ultrasound provides a unique imaging capability during the study. Images appear on the tablet, and are captured in the urodynamics studies snapshots or bursts. This option eliminates harmful radiation exposure with at-risk patients.


  • Durable, Solid State, Curvilinear Transducer, Providing a Wider Footprint To Allow for Full Visualization of the Bladder
  • Instant Image and Save at the Click of a Button
  • Automatic Bladder Volume Calculations for More Precise and Accurate Post-Void Residual
  • Image Transfer to Documents
  • Hl-7 and DICOM Data Integration
  • Automatic, 2D, and 3D Bladder Volume Calculations

Prevent & Manage:

  • Unnecessary Catheterization and Accompanying Patient Trauma
  • Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
  • Incomplete Bladder Emptying and Incontinent Episodes
  • Voiding Schedules and Bladder Retraining
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Hospital Costs and Staff Time

  • What’s Included
  • Transducer Specifications
  • Accessories & Consumables
  • Brochures & Resources
What’s Included
  • Part #RTBU-S-T-VID
  • 12” Touch Screen Tablet Computer with Mount for Cart
  • 3.5-7.5 MHz Curved Array Ultrasound Imaging
  • Transducer with USB Cable
  • Foot Switch
  • Trigger Adapter
  • USB-C to HDMI Video Cable

Training & Support

  • Unlimited Hardware and Software Telephone Technical Support
  • One-Day, On-Site Clinical Training: Encompasses Clinical Equipment Operation, Equipment Settings, Interpretation, Protocols, and Mentoring with Staff Personnel
  • TeamViewer

Product Service & Warranty

  • One-Year Product and Service Warranty Included with Purchase
Transducer Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 6.2 cm (2.44 in)
  • Height: 2.6 cm (1.02 in)
  • Length: 15 cm (5.9 in)
  • Weight: 110 g (3.88 oz)
  • Accuracy: Distance: ±2%, ±2 mm
Accessories & Consumables
Brochures & Resources

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