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Urodynamic equipment has been around for many years. Today the actual procedure has not changed much. You still need to infuse liquid through a pump into the patients bladder to take measurements. It was not long ago we used carbon dioxide to fill the bladder because it was easy, neat and cheap. But it was not accurate since air was compressible. We were taught that by our big teaching centers. Interestingly enough many of our big teaching centers  still use water perfused catheters.  They still don’t like to use air, they prefer water perfused catheters. But, they have a real secret they are hiding from the Urodynamics community, the other benefit of water perfused catheters is price. The cost of ...

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Interpretation of Urodynamics consist of the 3 C’s and 2 S’s.  The 3 C’s referring to Capacity, Compliance and Competence of the sphincter.  The 2 S’s referring to Sensation and Stability. Bladder capacity is studied to determine the amount of fluid the bladder holds.  Compliance is the ability of the bladder wall to distend.  The relationship between change in the bladder volume and change in the detrusor pressure is measured.  The EFP or (End Filling Pressure) should be below 15cnH20.   The EFP or (End Filling Pressure) of 40cmH20 or greater may lead to high risk to upper tract.  Competence of the sphincter is the ability of the external striated muscle to hold urine and to relax and release urine.  ...

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Urodynamics Quality Control What is a good way to add a form of quality control to your study? The flow cell should be checked at least once a week. The check does not have to be a calibration but a verification. A verification can be performed with a known volume of tap water. So long as it meets manufacturers specifications you should be OK. If it doesn’t than a calibration is recommended followed by a verification. Written by Ira Witriol Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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The Urodynamic market is getting smarter with the aid of the internet.  Customers are becoming  better educated. The urodynamic market place has not grown much over the last two years, as seen by the  lack of competition.   That is, all the more reason for clinicians to do their due diligence. Research on the internet can only lead you to become a better consumer. A simple google search call produce a wealth of information and offer many new options. Allowing better choices for the educated consumer. Written by Ira Witriol Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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Urodynamic measurements have been around for many years, not much has changed in how we perform a study. What has changed is how we collect information and transmit information for future analysis and reporting to the medical professional. Reports have become the hallmark of individual equipment manufacturers. Do we receive information overload or too little data?  A concise report makes interpretation easier to read. Reports need to have easy to view layout with easy to read graphics. Reports should be formatted which allow for paperless import into EMR. All data should be backed up daily on Urodynamic Equipment for future review or research applications. Written by Ira Witriol Sales Manager The Prometheus Group

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